Parish Council Agendas and Minutes

Council meetings are Minuted by the Clerk.  These Minutes are approved by the Council at the following meeting.  Once approved they are published below. 

Agendas and Minutes 2016/2017

November 2017

Agenda November 2017.docx

October 2017

Agenda October 2017.docx   Minutes October 2017.docx     AIRPORT REPORT SEPTEMBER 2017.docx        Agenda Special Meeting October 2017.docx   Minutes Special Meeting October 2017.docx   Agenda Special Meeting 27 October 2017.docx                                                       Minutes Special Meeting 27 October 2017.docx

September 2017

Agenda September 2017.docx    Minutes September 2017.docx     Bishops Clyst Allotments.docx       Minutes Emergency meeting 7 Sept 17.docx

August  2017 - no meeting

July 2017

Agenda July 2017.docx   Minutes July 2017.docx   Agenda Cat & Fiddle July 2017.docx  Cat & Fiddle Meeting Minutes.docx

June 2017

Agenda June 2017.docx  Minutes June 2017.docx

May 2017

Agenda AGM 2017.docx  Minutes AGM May 2017.docx

April 2017

Annual Parish Meeting Agenda.doc  April 2017 Agenda.docx   Annual Parish Meeting Minutes.docx  Appendix A Chairman's Report.docx   Appendix B reconciliation Annual meeting.xlsx  Appendix C assets - Annual meeting.docx  Appendix D statement - Annual meeting.docx                                     April 2017 Minutes.docx  Appendix A Airport.docx

March 2017

Agenda March 2017.docx    Minutes March 2017.docx   Appendix A - Airport.docx

February 2017  

Finance Meeting agenda.docx

Agenda February 2017.docx   Minutes February 2017.docx    Appendix A Highways.docx    Appendix B Sowton.docx                                          Appendix C Flood.docx  Appendix D Westpoint.docx

January 2017 Agenda January 2017.docx  Minutes January 2017.docx

December 2016  Agenda December 2016.docx Minutes December 2016.docx AIRPORT REPORT DECEMBER 2016.docx                              Planning meeting Agenda December 2016 (2).docx Planning Meeting Minutes December 2016.docx

November 2016  Agenda November 2016.docx  Minutes November 2016.docx   

October 2016 Agenda October 2016.docx   Minutes October 2016.docx   AIRPORT REPORT SEPTEMBER 2016 (1).docx

September 2016  Agenda September.docx  Minutes September 2016.docx

August 2016 Agenda August 2016.docx  12 minutes 15th April 2015 v2.pdf  Agenda August Additional Meeting.docx                                 Additional August Minutes.docx

July 2016 Agenda July 2016 (1).doc  Minutes July 2016.doc

20 June 2016 Agenda June 2016.docx  Minutes June.docx Sowton Village Hall News Report for BCPC - 8 Jun 15.docx

May 2016 Agenda AGM 2016.docx  Minutes May 2016.docx

April 2016 Part B Meeting Agenda April 2016.docx   PUBLIC STATEMENT.docx  April 2016 Minutes.docx   Police report for March 2016.doc  Annual Parish Meeting Minutes.docx  Chairman's Annual Report 2016.doc  AIRPORT ANNUAL REPORT 2016.docx 

Agendas and Minutes 2015/2016

March 2016 Minutes March 2016 .docx - Sowton Village Hall News 4 Mar 16.docx Westpoint Report Appendix A.doc Devon Remembers Report Appendix B.docx

February 2016 Minutes February 2016.docx Car Park Group Meeting Appendix B.doc Minutes NPG - 4 Feb 16 Appendix A.docx

January 2016 Additional Meeting Minutes January 2016.docx Minutes January 2016.docx

December 2015 14 December Minutes.docx

November 2015 Additional full council Minutes November 2015.docx Minutes Nov 2015.docx

October 2015  Minutes October 2015.docx Minutes Planning Oct 2015.docx DEVON REMEMBERS - Report to BCPC Oct 2015.docx

September 2015 Planning Minutes September 2015.docx Minutes September 2015 (3).docx - Land Trust report.docx

July 2015 Minutes July 2015.pdf 

June 2015 8 June Minutes.doc - Sowton Village Hall News Report for BCPC - 8 Jun 15.docx 01 minutes 11th May 2015.pdf

May 2015 01 minutes 11th May 2015.doc

Minutes 2014/15

April 2015 13 minutes 20th April.pdf 12 minutes 15th April 2015 v2.pdf

March 2015 11 minutes March 15.pdf

February 2015 February 2015

January 2015 Extraordinary Meeting held 20th January 2015  January 2015 - DRAFT  Extraordinary Meeting held 7th January 2015

December 2014 December 2014

November 2014 November 2014

October 2014 October 2014

September 2014 September 2014

July 2014 July 2014

June 2014 June 2014

May 2014 May 2014

Minutes 2013/14

May 2014 May AGM 2014

April 2014 April 2014  Annual Parish Meeting April 2014 - DRAFT

March 2014 March 2014

Feberuary 2014 February 2014

January 2014 January 2014

December 2013 December 2013

November 2013 November 2013

October 2013 October 2013

September 2013 September 2013

July 2013 July 2013

For copies of previous years' minutes please contact the Clerk.

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