February 2018

Please note that the Parish Council are continuing their discussions with Highways on a number of issues on the A3052 - particularly in relation to the Cat & Fiddle residents and the issues they face with the footpaths and crossing the road to the bus stop.  Cllr Ray Bloxham is working hard to try get these issues resolved which the Parish Council are supporting.  These things take time but we hope that we are moving forward.

Greenspires foopath - We are hoping to resolve this issue soon and are looking into options to have the two foopaths opened up which will mean that residents can gain access to the village safely.

November 2016

The blocked gullies on the A3052 are due to be repaired by Devon County Council in the next financial year.  We will update you when we have more information.

January 2016

Bishops Clyst Parish Council have identified a number of Highway issues that residents have raised. In order for the Council to make a case to Highways they will need your help in providing evidence in support of your concerns, experiences and wants. Please write in to the Parish Clerk who will collate your responses. Without your support we will get nowhere with Highways.

The current issues we are addressing are as follows:-

1. Speeding along the A376 dual-carriageway from J30 making getting into the village and out hazardous and the option of having traffic lights on our roundabout.

2. Speeding along the A3052 by the Cat and Fiddle.

3. Improvements to the existing footpath from the Cat and Fiddle along the A3052 towards the Village.  In addition to this letters are to be sent to Highways on the following,

A letter has been sent to Highways on the following issues and we will update you with the response:-

1. What are Highways intentions for the present hatch markings in light of the impending development at Cavana Homes.

2.  There is currently motorists using the Village as a rat run from the A3052 down through the village and out onto the roundabout in their attempts to get ahead of the queue. This has the affect of creating grid lock, back queuing in the village and along Frog Lane. It also impacts on those entering the village from the roundabout who become involved in the grid lock. With those motorists using the village there has been several near misses with school children nearly being hit outside of the school. Are we to wait until one is seriously injured or killed before anything is done. Highways are asked to resolve this issue. 

Please email the clerk using the contact page or email direct to bishopsclyst@gmail.com

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